Vegan Indian Food Stall . . . Stroud's Farmers Market . . Every Saturday


Also private parties, festivals and other events can be catered for.


My cooking style comes mainly from my late mother and sisters. I started at quite a young age helping in the kitchen then developed my own recipes too.

The region of India that my family originate is Gujerat, on the west coast. It is cheifly a vegetarian state and I only eat and cook vegan food.


Catering event sample menus:


Finger Buffet                                                                       Conference Lunch

Samosa                                                                                    Onion Bhaji Wrap

Onion Bhaji (3)                                                                         Samosa

Aloo Tikki                                                                                  Aloo Tikki

Tamarind relish                                                                        Tamarind Relish

mango Pickle                                                                            Mango Pickle


£4.50 per head (min 10 people)                                                £6.50 per head (min 10 people)



Hot Buffet

Vegetable Curry                                                                        Local delivery can be arranged

Dal (red lentil)                                                                            Menu can be taiored to your needs

Turmeric and Cumin Rice                                                         We cater from as few as 10 up to 100's of people



Aloo Tikki                                                                                 We can offer a wide range of salads and deserts.

                                                                                                Our food is vegan, and we cater for special diets

£8.50 per head (min 10 people)                                               but our kitchen does handle food containing dairy

                                                                                                wheat and nuts.