All the various types of physical yoga that you come across lie under the umbrella of 'Hatha Yoga'. The main difference between the different styles is simply their approach. i.e. very physical or not so physical, gentle or strong, flowing or mainly static etc.   The beauty of this is that it is continually evolving and the basis is the same. Also, these approaches can match the individual's need and offer variety. Often, the type of yoga is named after a school or person.


The word 'yoga' is derived from the root 'yoke' or 'join'. 'Ha-tha' are the two prevalent energies in our systems, 'Ha' and 'tha' , positive and negative, male and female, yin and yan, etc. So, the purpose of Hatha Yoga is to combine the two energies to flow in harmony and balance, on all levels. When this is achieved, we are at our optimum with our health, happiness and vitality.


My upbringing was in a traditional 'Hindu' family and was introduced to Yoga at the age of 15 by my brother. As a keen footballer, the yoga complimented my football training.


In my late teens I began to get involved with a local ashram (place of spiritual learning), and at the age of 21,  joined the group. Over the following 5 years I was privileged to be trained by a master in the essence of yoga and life where my experience of monastic living, though demanding, was truly rewarding. My musical side was beautifully nutured too and I was able to develop my singing and playing tabla (classical Indian drums).   


I have attended and qualified with diplomas on many yoga courses such as Dru School of Yoga, Devon School of Yoga and the Yoga Biomedical Trust based in London. My travels have taken me extensively around India visiting ashrams and meeting many enlightened teachers. I have taught yoga for over 30 years in the UK and Europe.

                                 Cost: £65 for first session, then £45 thereafter.



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